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This was a 3.5 book for me by the author of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn one of my childhood favorites Enjoyable Easy to read I just think I missed the ideal time of my life to read it. I love Betty Smith If I could be a writer, I would hope my work would be similar to her style She grew up in Brooklyn, and is most known for her book A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, which still ranks as my #1 book.I appreciate the way Betty Smith can make you attach to characters You feel like you are peeking into their windows and watching it first hand This story is based around a young, married couple in the 1920s, trying desperately to stay afloat It is a struggle without feeling like a struggle I felt so grateful for my education and the opportunities available to me as a woman in the 21st centure, but the main character never made you feel sorry for her Empathy, but not sorrow I loved how she connected with the sales people, landlord, and everyone in her small world It made me want to reach out . Oh, this is just the sweetest, most realistic story of two young adults who are in love and naively believe that being together forever will solve all their problems Annie and Carl quickly realize that getting married against their families' wishes will be the least of their worries Annie is a dreamer, a reader, a warm and personable girl that everyone can't help but love Carl is smart, passionate, funny and diligent, a hardworking guy who earns respect and kindness from all the superiors in his life Together, they prove to be an unstoppable pair and achieve a happiness beyond what they could have imagined If you loved A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, you'll enjoy Joy in the Morning Betty Smith has created yet another cast of memorable characters and the setting is reminiscent of her own early days of marriage and auditing university classes Overall, this story is authentic and heartwarming. My mom passed this along to me a few years ago, and I finally picked it up this week after reading something about it on someone's blog It's hard not to love Betty Smith after A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, so I was optimistic about this one It was very similar in style and pace to the aforementioned unsentimental but leaving you cheering for the characters, hoping for them I really wanted their lives to get easier, really wanted them to keep loving each other and not give up in spite of their fairly obvious flaws And, remarkably, they do There is much accounting of their meager finances and scraping by to the point that you begin to feel tired with them It reminded me of all I have to be grateful for even the leaner years and struggles that seemed to last too long I think it is always interesting to read other works by an author who has received acclaim focused on mainly one work Looking at them collectively broadens the view of them individually. I decided to read this novel while in a book hangover after reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn It has some of the same themes such as poverty and going back to simpler times of the 1920s but it does not have the same depth, breadth nor realism It is simpler and sweeter and a bit unrealistic but a light and uplifting read The main characters are a young couple from Brooklyn, Carl and Annie, living in the Midwest where Carl is in law school They marry despite the protests of both sets of parents who cut them off financially They are poor and struggle to make ends meet while Carl finishes law school and Annie, who has little formal education, works and finds ways to educate herself.What I liked most about this novel was the endearing character of Annie who was a joy to “live with” and not just in the morning She found joy in everything, especially the small things in life She made friends with all the people she met, particularly her landlord and the local tradesmen She loved books and was always reading, and was in raptures of joy when she was able to buy and own her first book She found the most joy in being able to audit a literature class at the university, first sitting in the hallway and then later being invited in and to participate with all the “regular” students She spent all her spare time joyfully reading the book and then writing the assigned paper Despite their poverty, I never worried about this struggling couple because the tone of the novel was so upbeat Though sometimes they did not have enough food to eat and Carl had to work 2 or 3 jobs while in school, something always eventually appeared to help both Carl and Annie along the way.I listened to this in audio format and the narrator does a wonderful job especially with Annie’s character and Irish accent An end note says that this book is based on the author’s life. This book is endearing from the very first page I read it in middle school, after a friend (Leah!) recommended it to me, and immediately fell in love with Annie (it helps that we share the same name!) I had already read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, but this wasn't anything like I expected Annie is completely charming, and will sweep you off your feet with her wholesome and winsome ways The book follows Annie and Carl's lives as a poor but earnest newlywed couple in the 1920's Their dialogue is simple, and there are no larger themes or pressing issues underlying the story It is simply a book about a truly loving couple trying to make it together It's about taking pleasure in the small things, like joy in the morning Such a good book! I loved every page of this sweet and honest look at the first year and a half of marriage for young Annie and Carl It's impossible to not love Annie from the moment she babbles in her thick Brooklyn accent to the Town Hall marriage clerk about all the Middle West books she's read The love between Carl Annie is true and, yes, uplifting But Smith never descends into schmaltz or sentimentality Because this is such a seemingly simple story, I wavered between giving this 4 or 5 stars But then I thought about how only a writer as gifted as Smith could make this kind of story work Not to mention how I twice came dangerously close to missing my subway stop, because I was so caught up in the book That alone is a testament to Smith's talents. Here I am reading this book again I love this book, but, it's interesting to learn so much about 1928 The money, for one thing gets a bit confusing as you could get so muchwith 1 dollar back then than now The frustrating thing is how few choices a woman had back then Annie's main purpose was to get married and have babies even though she was somewhat smarter than her husband who would become a lawyer Sometimes Carl would get so mad at her when she just wanted to do her own thing and so dependent More later.7/17Read this book again, it's rather delightful in parts I like Annie better than Carl She's kinder,dynamic and interesting and should be in law school herself or at least writing but she is regulated to the role of wife and mother and is aware of this The casual racism and sexism of the time makes me wince It gets frustrating, but I guess that is the late 20s for you It will be interesting to live in a later time and wince at all the isms of this time and how they aren't the norm any It's just a very good book if you already like A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. This is one of the loveliest, sweetest books I've ever read It takes a mental adjustment to appreciate the time period, so don't get thrown off by the relationship in the early pages of the book The reward of watching the young couple's first year of marriage unfold makes the early awkwardness, and, frankly, shocking first bits worth it and actually understandable This is not a plot driven book, but really a sweet story of young love at a middle western college. In Brooklyn, New York, in , Carl Brown and Annie McGairy meet and fall in love Though only eighteen, Annie travels alone to the Midwestern university where Carl is studying law to marry him Little did they know how difficult their first year of marriage would be, in a faraway place with little money and few friends But Carl and Annie come to realize that the struggles and uncertainty of poverty and hardship can be overcome by the strength of a loving, loyal relationship An unsentimental yet uplifting story, Joy in the Morning is a timeless and radiant novel of marriage and young love