[epub pdf] Of Sorcery and Snow (The Ever Afters #3)Author Shelby Bach – Mariahilff.de

Still great ride The stakes are getting higher.I can't believe it took me a year and a month to finish it but it's done now :P AMAZING!!!! The best book in the series so far I read it in a day, couldn't put it down So good The snow queens back!!!!I can't wait for the next book, seriously Chase and Rory are soooo cute One thing that I'm curious about, are we the readers really supposed to believe that Rory's mom and Amy are not lesbians? I'm not buying this assistant story It's been 3 books now and she actslike the moms partner than assistant I'm just wondering if I'm the only one who sees this?But anyways The plot was captivating The character development is excellent too I can't wait until we find out the ending to Rory's tale! Ever since reading Of Giants and Ice, The Ever Afters series has been one of my favorites Why you ask? Well, it speaks to the middle grade reader in me Bach has a unique ability to tap into those middle grade emotions and feelings that I had way back in sixth through eighth grade I've said it before, but Bach really knows her middle grade reader I also love how she takes all the fairy tales and characters that I loved reading about as a kid then changes things up and creates new heartfelt tales for them And the characters, man I love the characters Especially Rory, Chase and Lena, such steadfast friends who have grown so much over the last couple of books I've really become vested in these characters who experience both pain and wonderful moments together during Of Sorcery and Snow Plus there are crushes and relationships developing that are so adorable to watch I've found my favorite of the series thus far. Oh my gosh! This was, without a doubt, the best book I have read all year It was AMAZING! I cannot stop smiling and freaking out about everything that happened in this book! It is by far the best in the series Not that the past two books were bad; they were great It's just that this story was beyond phenomenal I can't believe I have to wait a whole year before finding out what's going to happen to Rory and her friends! Oh, how I wish I could go to the future If you've read the first two books, I don't need to tell you how fantastic they were and how much you need to read this book (like, NOW!), but if you've never read this series, please do so All I'm going to say is that it's incredible, if you didn't already figure that out from reading my review. Just when I thought I couldn't fall any in love with Bach's characters she kicks it up a notch! The development and unique personality of each character are just so well done The plot is exciting and interesting and, of course, Chase and Rory are just too cute not love, lol High recommend this series ❤️ Wow can we say twist ending?! I so didn't see that one coming! I loved this book Eventhen I liked the first and I loved that one quite a bit I find Rory to be so darn likeable and the author is doing such a great job of presenting the fairytales in a way that combines with Rory's world I can't wait for the next installment! !! A great book three in this series The middle school fantasy reader should eat this one up The ever after school, training ground for the fairy tale characters, is as bust as ever as Rory, Chase and their friend take up a quest to rescue the children kidnapped by the Pied Piper. Rory might be starring in her own fairy tale, but there’s danger than happily ever after in this third book in a series that Kirkus Reviews calls a “fast paced combination of middle school realism and fairy tale fantasy.”Life at Ever After School has become familiar for Rory She’s been on two quests, she’s a great sword fighter, and she has terrific friends But familiar is no fairy tale, and she’s still anxiously awaiting the chance to star in her own.But as her connection to the Snow Queen continues to grow, Rory realizes her starring role might well be underway When the Snow Queen sends the Pied Piper to kidnap several children, including the sibling of a fellow EAS er, the teachers think this mission is too dangerous and won’t send any kids But Rory, Chase, and Lena are determined to help,and it’s not long before they find themselves in trouble than they can handle Because it wouldn’t be Ever After School if things worked out according to plan It was great now I need to know what happens! SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! When will Chase and Rory finally get together?!?!?!? I mean Rory knows he like her now AHH! Also What will the snow queen do? How will she bribe or blackmail to get allies back?!?! A good novel to continue the series, plot was too loose, not much detail for any particular part of the book, it kept flopping around to different topics without thoroughly explaining any one of them.